Verb. [`ˈliːs`] under a rental or lease agreement; goods and services. „We rented our apartment to friends while we were abroad“ verb. [`ˈliːs`] as part of a contractual clause for the service. Rental, leasing, leasing, rent, rent, rental, location, rental, rental, rent, concession, lease, lease, lease, contract, deposit, rental, leaseback, rented, subsidy And we have the lease for this house for another two years! A contract that grants possession of a property for a certain period of time in exchange for some kind of compensation. Name. [`ˈliːs`] means the period during which a contract for the transfer of ownership to a person is in force. Name. [`ˈliːs`] a contract that grants the use or operation of real estate for a certain period of time for a specific payment.

Under these conditions, it would make more sense for companies operating on Alaska`s North Slope to track the locations they currently lease that present a much lower risk. We haven`t necessarily reinvented the brand, but we`ve taken it and repositioned and streamlined it, there are a lot of freelancers in our industry. They go out and rent or buy equipment and build a beautiful office space. But it is difficult for them to make their service affordable while paying rent and equipment rental. They are usually inefficient with their square footage. We focus on an area of only 1,000 square meters. The words stopped Mr. Todhetley, who was looking for Lease to let go of his anger a little.

. He refused to renew the lease; and man went wildly elsewhere. I don`t see anything in policies or laws that limits where they can buy or rent housing for direct housing assistance, there is nothing that would absolutely prevent them from doing so. „Epidemic“ vs „Pandemic“ vs „Endemic“: What do these terms mean? The city of San Diego has long struggled with leases for buildings to accommodate its workers. Did she rent the Hampton mansion and mansion from the Knights Hospitallers? For example, landlords and tenants could be jointly required to register their lease in a public registry. Why do „left“ and „right“ mean liberal and conservative? The directors under their lease were entitled to the remaining $75,000. „Affect“ vs „Effect“: Use the right word whenever it has supported its future program by winning a 20-year lease from NASA for the legendary Launch Pad 39A at Cape Canaveral. Without turning to the specific announcements of private companies, I would like to remind you that under the Iran Agreement, we issued a statement on licensing policy that allowed for the granting of individual licenses to individuals and companies wishing to export, re-export, sell, lease or transfer to Iran commercial passenger aircraft and related parts and services exclusively for commercial passenger aviation. „The lease is not in a hurry, sir,“ the incorrigible Roland returned. The bank does not need the assets, the banks take the assets. Once the return of the lease has taken place, they sell it or rent it again. And in this case, they have a five-year-old asset and they decided to sell it.

Schools buy or rent almost everything from Mitchell-owned businesses. . „We could furnish the house for the rest of the lease,“ Roger continued. So Wilson had to renew a new business plan – a $950 monthly lease with 2,000 free copies. When the lease for the year expired, the Contadino wrote to him that he refused to renew it. What is the difference between „that“ and „sound“? Jason was a very happy man at the time he got his lease, signed and sealed, in his own possession. „Alligator“ vs „Crocodile“: Do you know the difference? My lease for this home ends at the end of March next year, and I certainly won`t be eligible to renew it. The city`s lease for the Civic Center Plaza had expired month after month. Six weeks after the day he received his lease, he started making glue. Anyone who takes a seat or is considering the expiration of rent is considering a larger overhaul.

Our property manager has someone who wants our lease, so they put our lease in that person`s name and take away ours. Describe 2020 in one word? We asked, you answered. 1. And you can`t have two stars in a relationship. Someone has to be ready to be the car. When renting sometimes – Meg Cabot, queen of babbling gets hitched And people who want to take a lease can choose apartments „approved by the owner“ to streamline the process. . He sat down at Jenkins` office and began to read a lease.

Even if he insisted on a one-year lease, it wouldn`t do much harm. Name. the transfer of goods and services to an ally to support a common cause. Chapter 11 makes it easy for retailers to terminate leases. Musk is also there after signing a three-year lease at the spaceport to test reusable rockets. .