The tax bill contains the GST on the purchase of the car. For tenants who are businesses or businesses registered for the GST, the tax bill can be used to claim the GST. For tenants who are individuals, the GST claim does not apply and, therefore, the tax bill is for information purposes only. You almost always get the best price for your car when you sell to a direct buyer. If the buyer trusts you, it can be so easy to sell the car, it being understood that the „FORM B“ is not yet available. It`s a bit risky for the buyer, but if you document everything, it`s not the worst idea in the world. The form for updating/modifying personal data is available here. After filling it out, you can email the form to Please complete the fields marked with a „✓“ under Part 1 of the form and return the ORIGINAL form to us.

The processing time is about 2 months – from application to approval by your bank. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. You are not obliged to keep us informed. LTA will inform us about the Hire Purchase, Finance and Leasing Association of Singapore. We will write to you after our records have been updated. The giro application form for the car loan can be found here. Once completed, you can send the ORIGINAL form to one of our offices for processing or send it to us at 16 Raffles Quay #01-05 Hong Leong Building Singapore 048581. By the way. What type of credit are you talking about. Car loan or personal loan? The bank doesn`t know what`s going on? FSRS? FRW? etc. No, we do not send a monthly payment notice before the payment deadline.

Loan information regarding the contract number, monthly maturity date and loan payment amount can be found in our letter and the hire purchase agreement that will be sent to you at the beginning of the loan. The specified tax base may differ from the purchase price of the car because the price is composed of several components. Some of them are not subject to the GST (e.g., B, vehicle tax, additional registration fees, registration fees). While this is ideal, we understand that not all Singaporeans have the cash to repay the loan themselves. What if you can`t repay the loan yourself at first? No, direct application is not allowed. Instead, you can contact a car dealership to send us the loan application on your behalf. Accurate applications are processed faster. This guide is designed to help you and the public transact quickly. Please note your hire purchase agreement for the due date of your payment. If the application results in an extension of the repayment period beyond the maximum period of 7 years, the application is generally not granted. Otherwise, you are obliged to draft the application for our consideration and pay the required administration fee/differential interest.

I have already checked with the insurance company. NCD is only entitled to the policyholder because he is marked with your father NRIC. The transfer of NCDs is only permitted if the policyholder does not have a valid driver`s license. . Your car dealership can access the status of your application. You can inquire directly with them. This is new to me. Can you tell which bank or finance is good enough to lend you money if you are not the owner of the registered car? The DMV title and registration manual covers most of the common transactions that traders and other businesses will encounter.

It does not cover all procedures, rules or rights. . And there is also no reverse mortgage for lor cars?? First, ask your bank or finance company how much you need to get rid of the loan and sell your car. Ask if you need to know anything else, for example. B prepayment penalties and an estimated processing time to submit „FORM B“. The typical schedule for filing „Form B“ is between 1 and 3 business days (for most banks) and up to 5 business days (for finance companies). Please call our hotline at 6579 6738 and provide us with the correct information so that the error can be corrected. Car title under father, but I am the one who took out the loan and paid through my bank acct Interbank Giro (to arrange) – Please send the ORIGINAL Giro application form to Hong Leong Finance and the processing time is about 2 months – from application to approval by your bank.

So please continue to pay directly to us until we inform you in writing of the start date of the giro deduction, which I think you don`t think you have a car under its name, right? Once the loan is approved, banks/finance will be able to collect a FORM B to LTA for the authorized transfer and then transfer it. By the way, I have not yet heard of car under name A and loan under name B, in case of default, bank / finance can not tow the car why? because the car under a different name, no bank/finance in Singapore will do it. Selling a car is already a complicated and time-consuming process. It becomes even more intimidating when there is still financing available for the vehicle you are selling. Fortunately, this is a relatively common transaction – people and traders do it every day. While it`s certainly easier if your vehicle is already fully paid, you still have several options when it comes to selling a car with existing financing. Billing procedure The tenant must pay for the loan in person by presenting your original ID at one of our branches. Alternatively, the tenant may authorize a third party (for example. B, the buyer or car dealer) to pay the loan on their behalf.

We require that the tenant`s prior written consent with signature be sent to us first by fax or e-mail. Please fax 6323-3271 or email to facilitate our review. Upon receipt of your giro request form, we will send you a confirmation letter. After approval by your banker, you will receive another letter informing you of the start date of your giro. .