The competent Finnish authorities have adopted a policy for assessing late applications and assessed the issue of the ex tunc legality of the length of stay of a reasoned late applicant in the event of a positive decision on 24 April 2021. In the absence of national legislation in this regard, the competent authority, i.e. the Finnish Immigration Authority, has adopted/adopted a Directive under which the entire period of residence, including the period from the expiry of the grace period to the acceptance of the late application, is considered justified and a late applicant is considered to be lawful ex tunc if a positive decision is finally taken on the application. Decisions of competent authorities based on „reasonable grounds“ are taken on a case-by-case basis on the basis of an assessment of all the circumstances and reasons for the failure to comply with the deadline. Residence permits and „transport documents“ issued in France under the Withdrawal Agreement allow their holders to travel to other countries that are part of the Schengen area for periods not exceeding three months per semester. All information in this report is based on national systems and administrative procedures established under the implementation of Article 18(1) or Article 18(4) and notified by the authorities of the United Kingdom and the EU Member States. The data provide information on the persons considered to be recipients of Article 13 (right of residence) and Article 15 (right of permanent residence). 13 EU Member States and the United Kingdom have opted for a constituent system under Article 18(1) and 14 EU Member States have opted for a reporting system under Article 18(4). For data tables, see annexes.

An information campaign on the right of residence has been underway since February 2019. The competent Polish authorities shall make up-to-date information available on their websites and social media accounts and disseminate it further through the websites of local authorities and direct services. The Polish authorities also organised a series of contact meetings with British nationals to inform them of the changes and their rights. Currently, information activities (via websites and social media) focus on reminding people of the possibility of exchanging residency documents with documents issued under the WA on request until the end of 2021. UK nationals over five years of residence can apply for a permanent residence certificate or their current certificate no later than three days before the expiry date of the current certificate or no later than 31 September. December 2021, whichever comes first. You can also use this form if you arrived in Finland for the first time between 1 October 2020 and 31 December 2020, if you meet the requirements for a right of residence listed below and if you wish to continue to reside in Finland after the end of the transitional period. The Cypriot authorities conducted an information campaign on residence rights and residence documents from mid-December 2020 to the end of February 2021.

The campaign raised awareness of the impact of Brexit on UK residents and led them to a special website The campaign used local English media and newspapers, both in print and online, and used social media and targeted advertising. The residency system was opened on February 1, 2020. Candidates are guided through an easy-to-use interface and, in addition to a digital copy of their passport, must upload documents that serve as proof of their situation (an employment contract for employees, an extract from the Chamber of Commerce for independent contractors, proof of sufficient resources for inactive people, registration at the educational institution for students). For those who cannot apply online, a paper application form is available. Upon receipt of the application, the applicant will receive a certificate of application. Upon receipt of this document, the applicant will be invited to make an appointment to register his biometric data. The Immigration and Naturalization Authority (IND) will inform the applicant of the decision and the residence document will be provided. British nationals and their family members can apply for their new residency status until 30 September 2021, as the Dutch government decided in April to extend the grace period. Those who are protected by the Withdrawal Agreement and who have not yet acquired a right of permanent residence – if they have not lived in the host country for at least five years – will be fully protected by the Withdrawal Agreement and will be able to continue to reside in the host State and acquire a right of permanent residence in the host State after accumulating five years of residence. Non-EU family members of UK nationals holding a residence permit apply to the migration authorities for a special authorisation for family members of UK nationals between 1 January and 30 June 2021. .